“(Winner of the UK’s prestigious 2010 MAN BOOKER Prize for Fiction)

—– there is a sense that the three male leads are facets of one
personality with a schismatic approach to Jewishness , Crossley, however,
is able to give each one their own unique voice. In The Finkler Question,
Crossley gives a masterclass in narration. His characterizations are
colorful without lapsing into caricature, and he unfailingly gets the intent
behind each line, each rhetorical question, each instance of passive-
aggressive indignation (and there’s a lot of that). Especially with this
book, the narrator has an important task: the physical attack that kicks off
Treslove’s identity crisis hinges on a linguistic confusion, and Crossley’s
obsessive delivery of each permutation of the attacker’s garbled words is
just one very funny moment in an excellent performance.”

—Dafydd Phillips for AUDIBLE.com

“There’s fierce intelligence at work in this book and it’s not only Rushdie’s.
Crossley gives a remarkably perceptive performance. If Rushdie is a roiling sea then Crossley is an exquisitely
crafted ship able to ride out every roaring wave, introducing a score of exotic,brilliantly etched characters. All of them are fully animated by Crossley whose wry sardonic and sly reading is never short of captivating”.
-AudioFile Magazine on “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” Rushdie